Passionate about the purity of our product, we are determined to stay at the forefront of CBD’s health & wellbeing benefits. That’s because behind the international brand of Hemp Future’s organic CBD, is a family business with strong ethics. Our reputation is in every bottle, and our Research and Development are entirely focused on meeting our customers’ current and future health needs and expectations.

The seed that grew the company

It all began in January 2019. After years of research and idea development, our founder and CEO Steve Wyatt commissioned over 68 hectares of fertile, organic soil in Ida Viru County, Estonia, near the Russian border. It was where he cultivated EU certified Finola seeds.

Why choose Finola hemp? It was the first oilseed variety of hemp to be officially recognized by both Canada and the EU. Also, Finola produces high-quality CBD oil that is mainly free of the psychoactive chemical THC. In other words, Steve chose a rich source of pure, non-hallucinogenic cannabidiol.

Only the best would do, for the products that Steve began to hand-craft and market. His aim was – and still is – to offer pure, natural CBD with genuine medicinal qualities, making it available and affordable for as many international customers are possible.

Our ethics include personally overseeing the cultivation of hemp that does not contain psychoactive elements. Instead, we optimize the potential of the finest hemp strain to yield the best CBD oil. Then, we manage our entire range’s production process, building our global brand by providing an authentically high-quality and medically-beneficial form of CBD.

In 2020, Steve and his team located a 7.5-hectare plot of land in Lääne County, Estonia. The land’s location is 1km from the Baltic Sea, and the last cultivation was over 30 years. The top layer of soil was compacted cow manure, and underneath ancient beach floor sand, the soil could not have been better for growing hemp.

Steve Wyatt, CEO Hempfutures
Cannabis leaf and bottle of CBD Oil, with a dose of Oil in it

The future, of Hemp Futures

As the company continues to grow, its products are making their way onto shelves throughout the world. Yet, Hemp Futures never loses sight of its roots.

Our CBD oil products commitment is that every item we sell will be grown organically from leading hemp strains and under strict EU regulatory standards. They will also always be processed with high levels of care and control to ensure the purity of each bottle we sell.

The management team at Hemp Futures invests heavily in research while continually exploring new ways CBD can provide significant health and wellbeing advantages. We hope to offer our growing customer base even more pressing reasons to choose our products through this approach.

Testimonials and award-winning CBD oil

The true measure of our success is in the high level of customer satisfaction we achieve. We are proud that so many users are happy to recommend the CBD oil we produce.

However, it is also gratifying for the dedicated team at Hemp Futures to receive industry accolades recognition by the World CBD Awards and acceptance into the prestigious Medical Cannabis Network publication.

Unbranded bottle of 10% CBD OIL by marijuana leaf


How is CBD oil manufactured? The process of creating high-grade CBD for health uses, under the care of Hemp Futures:

Step 1

It begins at our organic Finola hemp farm in a highly fertile region of Estonia. Here our crops are under the care of workers dedicated to producing premium plants. Our Estonia farm environment is perfect for cultivating healthy, robust plants with high yields of cannabis flowers rich in the best forms of cannabidiol.

Field where Hemp Futures is growing CBD flowers

Step 2

We cultivate a CBD-rich hemp auto-flowering strain, which takes around 100-120 days to grow from seeding to harvesting in certified organic soil. Our hemp plants are free of all genetic modifications and never treated with chemicals. This process produces a pure, natural CBD with all its integrity intact.

CBD flower growing in the soil

Step 3

After harvest, we mill and ship the biomass to a certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility for careful extraction into the purest CBD oil. Our CBD oil is then carefully blended with a safe carrier oil (organic hemp seed oil) to formulate different oil potency strengths. It is then hygienically and safely bottled.

CBD plant in its natural habitat

Step 4

Using a network of sales professionals in this specialized field and our international website, we market our highly trusted 5% and 10% CBD oil.

CBD Oill 5% and CBD Oil 10%, also known as CBD oil 500mg and CBD oil 1000mg

Company Mission

We are transparent in our trading practices and our commitment to quality. Hemp Futures will continue to offer pure CBD oil that meets diverse health and wellbeing needs. Investment in R&D will run alongside using organic growing methods to keep our products at the forefront of CBD’s medical importance. We will pass on as much of our knowledge as possible to benefit our increasing customer base.

Also, we make it as easy as possible to buy quality CBD oil online, including offering free delivery on larger orders. Please note that our website has strict data security and privacy measures in place. This is another way that we make sure you can buy our CBD oil with confidence!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To offer our customers the finest CBD from the highest quality hemp biomass grown in organic soil, improving our cultivation methods, and managing the entire process from seed to your shelf.

Our Vision

As CBD products become more accessible and a common part of our daily lives, we believe standards should continue to improve. Hemp Futures understand the importance of knowing our customer and changes in the market. 

Our Promise

We take pride and care in our work. We promise to create organic CBD products grown from the highest quality hemp plants and follow strict EU standards and regulations.

CBD Oils

Medical science continually adds new ways CBD oil can boost health and wellbeing. Biomass cultivated with high levels of care and control, Hemp Future's formulates products to optimize this natural powerhouse plant.

CBD Oil 5%

5% strength CBD oil you can buy with confidence to regulate the dosage and monitor its positive impact, addressing a growing range of medical conditions and creating balance and relief.

CBD Oil 10%

In this pure, organic CBD oil, the blend of active ingredients to safe carrier oil is more potent and formulated for those who prefer a higher dosage. This site includes insights into the medical benefits of 10% CBD Oil.