Pure and non-psychoactive forms of CBD oil are derived from various species of cannabis/hemp plants, with High CBD Strains considered being the best CBD Strains. First, what is the difference between cannabis and hemp? In general terms, they are merely different titles applied to this classification of plant. You will often see cannabis plants cultivated with no or little THC referred to as ‘hemp’. Tall growing hemp plants also generate by-products such as paper, rope, cloth, and resins.

Concluding a 1976 study into the different varieties of this class of horticulture, the International Association of Plant Taxonomy said: “both hemp varieties and marijuana varieties are of the same genus, cannabis, and the same species, Cannabis Sativa. Further, there are countless varieties that fall into further classifications within the species Cannabis Sativa.”

How cannabis plants are categorized is based on various parameters. There are three main species of this plant – Cannabis Sativa (the most common), Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis (the least prolific).

Across those species, there is a list of over 1,000 different CBD strains or genetic variations. You can also come across the term general (or a singular genus) concerning species and ‘families’ concerning different CBD strains.

When distinguishing cannabis strains, you will also hear the term full-spectrum, which means they contain THC, but the percentage is less than 0.3. If you want a form of CBD that has even lower levels of THC in its original plant, the term used is a broad-spectrum CBD strain. The third category is CBD isolate, which is when the cannabis plant produces pure CBD weed strains with no other compounds present.

Different species of cannabis or hemp plant have different cultivation lifecycles and varying levels and quality of cannabidiol.

A list of top CBD strains commonly used in medical CBD

As the study of CBD oil production has become more mainstream and sophisticated, the list of genetically refined, CBD-rich plants has grown. These are usually Cannabis Sativa plants; the species most likely to yield a potent finished product, including broad-spectrum or isolate CBD strains.

The different high strains of CBD producing plants are often named after the person who first cultivated them, while others have novel and distinctive names to differentiate them from other high CBD strain alternatives.

1) The Finola CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Finola strain?

Finola (formerly FIN-314) is first on the list as it is often considered the leading strain of High CBD-rich plant. Views differ on whether it was initially cultivated in Finland or Canada, but it was the first high CBD strain seed formally recognized by Canada and the EU. Its merits are many, including the low level of THC in its makeup. Also, it has a relatively short growing time, and the plants are easy to machine-harvest. The plant characteristics keep its price down, even though it is such a potent source of CBD.

2) The Harlequin CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Harlequin strain?

Harlequin is another commonly used type of cannabis plant for producing potent CBD oil. It is known to create a mild euphoric effect.

3) The Charlotte’s Web CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Charlotte’s web strain?

Charlotte’s Web – one of the best CBD strains, it is considered a rich source of CBD, with little or no THC in its makeup and often used for CBD products aimed at improving mental health or pain management.

4) The Sweet and Sower Widow CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Sweet and Sour Widow strain?

Sweet and Sour Widow – this is a strain of cannabis that can contain enough THC to interest entry-level recreational users but can also produce medical cannabis with a mildly euphoric effect.

5) The Stephen Hawking Kush CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Stephen Hawking Kush strain?

Stephen Hawking Kush – is considered a soothing CBD weed strain that contains a robust amount of CBD and other compounds that can create a relaxing effect.

6) The ACDC CBD Strain- What is a High CBD ACDC strain?

ACDC – one of the most commonly used medicinal cannabis strains, ACDC has almost no THC. It creates a CBD-rich oil that maximizes the health benefits inherent in this substance.

7) The Cannatonic CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Cannatonic strain?

Cannatonic – this strain of cannabis plant is another one that is rich in CBD and contains only small amounts of THC, creating a mildly relaxing effect.

8) Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Ringo’s Gift strain?

Ringo’s Gift is the strain of cannabis plant which takes its name from Lawrence Ringo, a well-known specialist and activist in this field. It is a hybrid cross of two other strains – Harle-Tsu and ACDC. There are anecdotal reports that this type of CBD has particular value for addressing sleep disorders.

9) The Harle-Tsu CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Harle-Tsu strain?

Harle-Tsu – another strain originally cultivated by Lawrence Ringo, is a crossbreed between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. It is considered a strain offering a significant sedative value.

10) The Sour Tsunami CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Sour Tsunami Strain?

Sour Tsunami is another creation of highly influential grower Lawrence Ringo and one of the first to hit the market. This CBD weed strain is a further example of how leaders in this area of horticulture have worked to refine the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Ringo created this from a Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel combination!

11) The Canna Tsu CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Canna Tsu Strain?

Canna Tsu – sometimes different strains of cannabis are created to amend the taste and the chemical structure of the plant. Canna Tsu is considered a pleasant smelling and tasting variety, with citrus overtones.

12) The Remedy CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Remedy strain?

Remedy – is another example of the above trend. It was cultivated to produce no psychoactive side effects and to have an appealing pine and lemon aroma.

13) The Cherry Wine CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Cherry Wine Strain?

Cherry Wine – if the smell of your CBD matters to you, then this strain may well appeal, as it has an aroma similar to fine wine and cheese! It is viewed as a relaxant and has little or no psychoactive effect.

14) The Lifter CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Lifter strain?

Lifter – in contrast to the above, this relative newcomer is considered to have a somewhat more ‘funky’ smell. It creates a feeling of relaxation and the lack of THC in its structure.

15) Elektra CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Elektra Strain?

Elektra – is another example of CBD with a pungent smell – often described as smoky – and therefore, it is up to the individual user to decide if the relaxing benefits outweigh the scent of this CBD oil.

This list goes on, and the names can be highly creative. Such as Pennywise, a hybrid mix of Harlequin and Jack the Ripper! Or, Suzy-Q, Valentine X, Sour Space Candy, and Critical Mass. Each has its distinct smell and chemical properties, and therefore a varying effect on individuals who use it.

To a large degree, this whole topic is a matter of personal preferences, and what works for one person may be unpleasant or ineffectual to another.

However, Finola is to be the most universally effective and pleasant form of CBD-rich oil.




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