Pure and non-psychoactive CBD oil, different from various cannabis and hemp species, originates from the processing of high CBD strains for medicinal purposes. The difference between cannabis and hemp is merely in their title. Cannabis and hemp species rely on different cultivation lifecycles with a varying amount and potency of naturally occurring cannabidiol.

Concluding a 1976 study into the different varieties of this class of horticulture, the International Association of Plant Taxonomy wrote:

“Both hemp varieties and marijuana varieties are of the same genus, cannabis, and the same species, Cannabis Sativa. Further, there are countless varieties that fall into further classifications within the species Cannabis Sativa.”

You will often see CDB dominant strains, cultivated with little or no THC, referred to as hemp. Cannabis and hemp plants also generate useful by-products, such as paper, rope, cloth, and resins.

How cannabis plants are categorized is based on several parameters. Overall, there are three main plant species – Cannabis Sativa (the most common), Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis (the least prolific). Across those species, there is a diversity of over 1,000 different CBD dominant strains or other genetic variants, which also develop different “families” of CBD weed strains.

When distinguishing high CBD low THC strains from THC-dominant strains, you will hear the term full-spectrum, which means that they contain THC, but the percentage is less than 0.3. If you want high CBD strains with even lower THC levels in their original form, the term used is broad-spectrum. The third category is a CBD isolate, which occurs when the cannabis plants produce pure CBD weed strains with no other compounds present.

What is a high CBD strain?

Before we can define what a high CBD strain is, we must first define what CBD – or cannabidiol – itself is. Cannabis has two chemical substances that have active effects, CBD and THC. THC is the chemical that gets you high when you consume cannabis products, while CBD has medical benefits and does not have psychoactive effects.

Therefore, a high CBD strain contains far more CBD than THC, which means that it is best used medically, rather than recreationally. However, some users do prefer using high CBD strains to high THC strains recreationally as well. High CBD strains can be purchased from a licensed vendor.

Is it legal?

Legal high CBD strains may or may not be available depending on where you live. In both Canada and Uruguay, it is legal to buy and sell cannabis products openly from licensed stores. 18 states in the USA have fully legalized cannabis products for production and sale, while it remains illegal in the other 32. Despite common preconceptions, cannabis is technically illegal in the Netherlands, although the police and authorities tolerate its sale and production, and it is effectively treated as a legal product for sale in licensed shops.

One of the many High CBD Strains available on the list of top High CBD Strains

If you live anywhere else in the world, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get hold of high CBD strains legally.

High CBD hemp strains UK

However, many CBD products that are derived from hemp are legal in the EU and the United Kingdom, and they are typically sold as oils. However, the use of CBD products that contain any THC whatsoever is extremely restricted.

What is the strongest CBD strain?

With a typical CBD density of between 16% – 24%, AC/DC is one of the strongest CBD strains available on the market. This is one of many high terpene CBD strains that can be used to treat a variety of health conditions thanks to its astronomical amounts of CBD. Its relatively low amount of THC – 2% – 6% – means that it can be used medically without strong psychoactive effects.

Pure high CBD strains for health

High CBD strains are often colloquially known as ‘medical marijuana’ thanks to their health benefits. Indeed, high CBD strains are known to have a variety of positive impacts on myriad health conditions, from mental disorders to cancer.

While cannabis is traditionally smoked, there are now a vast number of cannabis products available that can be consumed in other, healthier ways. Cannabis concentrates and edibles, for example, are consumed orally. This removes the negative health aspects associated with smoking.

High CBD strains Comparison

No two cannabis strains are the same, and when it comes to high CBD strains, each of them has a variety of different effects that are suitable for different conditions.

Wondering which strains to buy? Here are the best CBD strains for several different conditions.

What are the Best CBD strains for weight loss?

Supreme CBD Durban is a strain that’s thought to help with weight loss by decreasing food cravings. This strain is unusual in that it has the same percentage of both CBD and THC, 8%. As well as suppressing cravings, this strain is also known to decrease muscle inflammation and decrease stress and anxiety.

What are the Best CBD strains for cancer?

Harlequin is a reliable CBD strain for dulling pain, which makes it a fantastic choice for cancer patients. With a 9% CBD density, and only 5% THC, it provides the positive effects of a high CBD strain without being intoxicating. 

What are the Best CBD strains for cervical cancer?

Harlequin is also a great choice for patients with cervical cancer. The high CBD content helps to numb pain while allowing you to remain clear-headed throughout the day.

What are the Best CBD strains for autism?

While in-depth research remains to be completed, high CBD strains are said to alleviate many symptoms associated with autism, such as seizures, cognitive impairment, restlessness, and other symptoms. Charlotte’s Web is a popular strain with autistic people because it is known to reduce the severity of seizures. With 13% CBD and only 1% THC, it provides the medical benefits of CBD without any of the psychoactive effects of THC. 

What are the Best CBD strains for PTSD?

Research has indicated that CBD can help sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) manage their symptoms. When taken in conjunction with professional therapy, CBD is believed to reduce the intensity of symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

AC/DC is a strong choice for people suffering from PTSD. Its high CBD content and low THC content make it a great choice. It is known to reduce the intensity of mental symptoms while also aiding relaxation.

What are the best CBD Strains for Seizures?

As previously discussed in the section about autism, Charlotte’s Web is the best CBD strain to help combat seizures. It was produced by the Stanley Brothers specifically to combat epileptic seizures experienced by Charlotte Figi – hence the name. The strain was specifically designed for its health benefits, while not producing a THC high.

What are the Best CBD strains for prostate cancer?

While the physical effects of prostate cancer aren’t often noticed until very late on, men with the disease often cite feelings of depression after their diagnosis. With this in mind, Pennywise is a great strain to choose. Its mix of 8% CBD and 7% THC decreases stress, depression, and anxiety while also dulling physical pain.

What are the Best CBD Strains for Relaxation & anxiety reduction?

While high THC strains can exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety, high CBD strains are known to reduce them. Remedy is a great strain to choose if you are suffering from anxiety, as its high 13% CBD density is known to make consumers feel relaxed and happy.

What are the Best CBD Strains for Headaches?

If you’re looking to reduce the impact of headaches, Harlequin is a fantastic choice. Its balance of 9% CBD and 5% THC means that it packs a real punch as a painkiller, without bringing on any foggy-headedness. If you’re looking for something to get you through the day while decreasing head pain, Harlequin is the strain you want.

What are the Best  CBD Strains for nausea?

Generally speaking, high THC strains are better at treating nausea than high CBD strains, however, there is one strain that you should consider if you are experiencing nausea. Cannatonic, a high CBD strain with 9% CBD and 5% THC content is known to decrease nausea as well as other ailments such as stress and anxiety.

What are the Best CBD Strains for Bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme swings in mood, between deep depression and extreme happiness, known as mania. The CBD strain Lemon AID is known to relieve the symptoms of bipolar because of its effects suppressing the negative effects of anxiety, depression, and stress. Its high CBD content, around 14%, and its negligible THC content mean that it’s perfect for relaxation without strong psychoactive effects.

What are the Best CBD Strains for Epilepsy?

As previously discussed, Charlotte’s Web was specifically designed to decrease epileptic seizures. Therefore, we can’t recommend it enough as a strain to relieve the effects of epilepsy. The 13% CBD content and negligible THC content make it a fantastic medicinal cannabis that won’t cause any psychoactive effects.

What are the Best CBD strains for Joint pain and arthritis?

High CBD strains are an effective method of managing joint pain and arthritis. While most high CBD strains will help to relieve joint pain, we recommend Canna-Tsu for this particular ailment. The strain’s high CBD (9%), low THC (5%) combo decreases pain while not causing intoxication. Many users report an increase in focus after consuming this strain.

What are the Best CBD strains for Parkinson’s?

Sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease often have muscular issues including frequent tremors and muscle rigidity. High CBD strains are known to alleviate these issues by relaxing the muscles. For Parkinson’s patients, we’d specifically recommend Charlotte’s Web strain, which as previously discussed is fantastic for seizures and muscle issues.

What are the Best CBD strains for Schizophrenia?

If you suffer from schizophrenia and are looking for medical marijuana, it’s highly recommended that you only consume high CBD strains. Strains that are high in THC can cause anxiety and paranoia in people with pre-existing mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia. High CBD strains, however, can reduce a number of symptoms associated with schizophrenia, such as depression, anxiety, and paranoia. For schizophrenia, we’d recommend Sour Tsunami, a 12% CBD strain that’s known to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing relaxation and focus.

What are the Best CBD strains for Asthma?

It is not recommended that you smoke cannabis when you have asthma as this can aggravate your condition further. Instead, you should use a vaporizer, ingest concentrates, or rely on edibles. With this in mind, CBD OG is a great choice, as its primary effect is to reduce inflammation. Ingesting this when your chest is feeling tight can help to reduce inflammation, decreasing your symptoms, and helping you breathe easier.

What are the Best CBD strains for Inflammation?

CBD OG is the ultimate strain for the reduction of physical inlammation anywhere in the body. Many users report that it helps to reduce inflammation, particularly muscular inflammation. The CBD/THC balance of 9%/5% means that it has medical benefits without producing a psychoactive high.

How are CBD Strains made?

There are many different ways to create new CBD strains, but ultimately the aim is to grow a plant that can act as a prototype, then use that to grow more. The first way of doing this is to plant the same type of seed over and over again until one grows that has a high CBD density. The grower can then use the seeds from the high CBD plant to grow more. Growers can also cross a low-THC strain with a high-CBD strain to create a new CBD strain.

What are the best Exotic CBD strains?

Creme de la Creme is a high-quality CBD strain made by Team Elite Genetics with 18% CBD density. Its high CBD content and minimal THC content (less than 0.1%) make it the ultimate high CBD strain. If you’re looking for an exotic strain, you won’t find many better than this.

What are the Best autoflower CBD strains?

Autoflowering cannabis is a great choice for inexperienced growers who are looking to harvest their own cannabis plants. Autoflowering strains grow much quicker than regular strains and are much less high maintenance. While regular cannabis plants can take months to grow, an autoflowering strain will typically be ready to harvest in a month or less. Additionally, learning how to set up lights to grow an autoflowering strain is much easier than normal. They are very low maintenance and don’t require close inspection.

Royal CBG Automatic is one of the best autoflower CBD strains, with a high CBD content and negligible amounts of THC. This provides the health benefits of CBD without any high or intoxication.

Charlotte’s Angel is another autoflower strain that is high in CBD. With a whopping 15% CBD density, and less than 0.01% THC, it is a perfect choice for anyone looking to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes.

 What are the Best CBD strains for Dogs?

CBD – particularly CBD oils – has many benefits for dogs. CBD oils can help reduce seizures and pain in dogs and can be particularly useful if your dog suffers from chronic pain or is recovering from surgery.

There are CBD products available that are specifically designed for dogs, so if you decide to treat your dog with CBD you should buy a specialist product. Many products intended for humans can contain high amounts of THC which could intoxicate your dog.

Before giving a CBD product to your dog, you should consult a vet to get their opinion on it. It is also recommended that you do not give any products containing large amounts of THC to your dog. This is because THC will cause your dog to become intoxicated.


High CBD Strains List – What are the Top CBD Strains Commonly Used in Medical CBD?

As the study of CBD oil production continues to become more mainstream and sophisticated, the list of genetically refined, CBD-rich plants follows likewise. These varieties are usually Cannabis Sativa, the species most likely to yield a potent finished product, including broad-spectrum or isolate CBD-only strains.

Each strain has a distinct odor and chemical properties, and therefore a varying effect on individuals who use it medicinally. To a large degree, this whole topic is a matter of personal preferences, and what works for one person may be unpleasant or ineffectual to another.

High CBD low THC strains are often named after the person who first cultivated them. In contrast, others have a novel, creative, and distinctive names to differentiate them from similar alternatives like CBD-only strains.

The following high CBD strain list represents the top 15 best CBD strains available today.

1) The Finola CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Finola strain?

Finola (formerly FIN-314) is first on the list as it is often considered the leading strain of High CBD-rich plant. Views differ on whether it was initially cultivated in Finland or Canada, but it was the first high CBD strain seed formally recognized by Canada and the EU. Its merits are many, including the low level of THC in its makeup.

Also, the Finola strain has a relatively short growing time, and the plants are easy to machine-harvest. The strains characteristics keep its price low, even though it is one of the most potent CBD weed strains. Overall, the Finola strain is the most universally useful and pleasant source of CBD-rich oil.


2) The Harlequin CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Harlequin strain?

Harlequin is another commonly used strain for producing potent CBD oil. It’s a 75-25 Sativa-dominant hybrid with a CBD concentration of about 7%. Some users report that this variety creates a mild euphoria as its THC content hovers around 10%. Medicinally, users have found relief for various symptoms, including nausea, muscle spasms, and chronic pain.


3) The Charlotte’s Web CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Charlotte’s web strain?

Charlotte’s Web – one of the best CBD strains, it is considered a rich source of CBD, with little or no THC in its makeup and often used for CBD products aimed at improving mental health or pain management.

Created by the Stanley Brothers, Charlotte’s Web ranks as the most famous and one of the best CBD strains with a low THC content. Notably, this strain lacks intoxicating effects since its composition comprises a 30:1 CBD-to-THC ratio. Users report that it’s a rich source of CBD, with little or no THC in its makeup. It’s often used for medicinal products aimed at improving mental health or pain management, making it an optimal high CBD strain for anxiety and depression.


4) The Sweet and Sower Widow CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Sweet and Sour Widow strain?

Sweet and Sour Widow is a strain that contains enough THC to interest entry-level recreational users. It can still produce medicinal cannabis products with a mildly euphoric, calming, and soothing effect. The strain is a 70-30 Indica dominant hybrid with a near equal THC concentration and CBD concentration. This balance of cannabinoids makes Sweet and Sour Widow a quality high CBD strain for depression, derived from the classic THC-dominant strain White Widow.


5) The Stephen Hawking Kush CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Stephen Hawking Kush strain?

Stephen Hawking Kush, a soothing hybrid strain that contains a robust amount of CBD and other compounds, can create a relaxing effect in certain users. Harle-tsu and Sin City Kush are the parent strains that growers hybridized to increase the CBD content. The THC concentration ranges from 5% to 12% in lab testing while CBD concentration sits at 13%.


6) The ACDC CBD Strain- What is a High CBD ACDC strain?

ACDC is one of the most commonly used medicinal cannabis strains since it contains a low THC amount but not as little as the Charlotte’s Web strain. In ACDC strains, there’s a 20:1 CBD-to-THC ratio. Genetically, it derives from the crossbreeding of Ruderalis and Cannatonic varieties. Used to create CBD-rich oil, ACDC has been reported to alleviate stress, making it a good choice for a high CBD strain for depression and anxiety.


7) The Cannatonic CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Cannatonic strain?

Cannatonic is another cannabis strain rich in CBD, containing only a small amount of THC typically below 10%, but CBD concentration ranges between 12 % to 15%, with some varieties testing as high as 17%. Its parents include MK Ultra and G-13 Haze, both of which are indica-dominant. Despite its creative moniker, Cannatonic doesn’t have sedating effects. It isn’t typically used recreationally but medicinally in CBD products.


8) Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Ringo’s Gift strain?

Ringo’s Gift, a 60-40 balanced hybrid strain, takes its name from Lawrence Ringo, a well-known specialist and activist in the field. It is a hybrid cross of two other CBD-rich strains: Harle-Tsu and ACDC. The strain contains a high CBD concentration of 15%, while its THC sits at a minuscule 1% or less. There are anecdotal reports that this type of CBD has particular value for alleviating insomnia, chronic pain, and inflammation. Similarly, it may also alleviate stress, which earns the strain a reputation as one of the most widely used high CBD strains for anxiety and depression.

9) The Harle-Tsu CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Harle-Tsu strain?

Harle-Tsu, also originally cultivated by CBD pioneer Lawrence Ringo, is a hybrid variety of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. Reportedly, Harle-Tsu provides relief for chronic pains and muscle aches. Its THC concentration is below 1%, with a high CBD content above 20%, and with some phenotypes ranging as high as 25% CBD.

10) The Sour Tsunami CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Sour Tsunami Strain?

Sour Tsunami is yet another creation of the highly influential grower Lawrence Ringo, and it is one of the first 60-40 CBD strains to hit the market. This CBD strain is a further example of how leaders in this area of horticulture have worked to refine the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Sour Tsunami’s parent’s strains include THC-dominant Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel. On average, CBD concentration for this strain sits about 11% to 13%, with a THC concentration of less than 10%.

11) The Canna Tsu CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Canna Tsu Strain?

Canna Tsu is another popular CBD strain for producing potent CBD-rich oil. It is a 50-50 balanced hybrid with a CBD concentration of about 10% to 11%. Users report few psychoactive effects, such as euphoria, as its THC content is less than 8%. Canna Tsu seems to positively impact symptoms ranging from anxiety to chronic pain and muscle spasms for medicinal uses. The parent genetics for this particular CBD strain is Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami.


12) The Remedy CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Remedy strain?

Remedy is another example of the above trend, cultivating cannabis to produce little to no THC, significantly reducing THC’s most known psychoactive side effects, such as distorted perception and sedation. In Remedy strains, a 25-75 hybrid, CBD concentration typically ranges at approximately 12%, while the THC concentration can be as low as 1% or less. When used in CBD products, such as oils and ointments, Remedy is reported to relieve various symptoms from stress to chronic pain and depression.

13) The Cherry Wine CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Cherry Wine Strain?

The Cherry Wine CBD strain primarily takes its name from its distinct and powerful aroma. It’s a 50-50 balanced hybrid variety with a low THC content of less than 1%. CBD concentration can be as high as 15% to 25% in certain phenotypes. The high CBD-to-THC ratio prevents users from experiencing psychoactive effects, but anecdotes suggest that Cherry Wine can deliver a calming, relaxing sensation sans euphoria.

14) The Lifter CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Lifter strain?

Lifter, a relative newcomer to the CBD market, is high in CBD content and low in THC. Its parent’s strains include Suver Haze and Early Risen Bud. As required by law in the US, the THC concentration sits at less than 1%, while the CBD content reaches levels as high as 16% or more. Not much else is known about Lifter’s effects, but users have reported relief for ailments including nausea, anxiety, and muscle spams.

15) Elektra CBD Strain- What is a High CBD Elektra Strain?

Elektra, a Sativa-dominant hybrid first created by the US company Oregon CBD, is known for its very low THC concentration of less than 1%. Its CBD content can range as high as a 20:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, putting this CBD strain on par with similar varieties, such as ACDC strains and phenotypes. Overall, CBD content in Elektra strains can be as high as 13% or more.

This list could be more extensive. The names can be highly imaginative and colorful, such as Pennywise (a hybrid mix of Harlequin and Jack the Ripper), Suzy-Q, Valentine X, Sour Space Candy, and Critical Mass, among several others.

To a large degree, this whole topic is a matter of personal preferences, and what works for one person may be unpleasant or ineffectual to another.

However, Finola is to be the most universally effective and pleasant form of CBD-rich oil.


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