CBD Muscle Relief Cooling Gel 500mg


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Made with the utmost care, the 500mg CBD Muscle Relief Cooling Gel is fit for all walks of life.

We at Hemp Futures use quality ingredients to ensure our customers are left exceptionally satisfied by our creations.

What is CBD Muscle Relief Cooling Gel?

CBD is a natural ingredient that has recently come into popularity.

The sports gel with CBD is a perfect replacement for many conventional over the counter medicines on the market. For example, the CBD Muscle Relief Warming Gel. It provides a cooling sensation that numbs the muscle and provides relief and comfort for an individual.

CBD Muscle Relief Cooling Gel 500mg


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CBD Muscle Relief Cooling Sports Gel

How to use CBD Cooling Gel?

  1. Before starting, be careful not to apply the gel on damaged skin or in the eyes
  2. Apply 3mg of the CBD balm on any affected areas of the body, gently massage on to the skin for around a minute and avoid eyes or other sensitive areas.
  3. If the effects are not to your liking, apply more of the gel to the affected areas.
  4. Relax and enjoy the soothing nature of the cold gel on your skin. More info HERE

Is CBD gel legal for Athletes?

Any kind of CBD Cooling Gel for Athletes or CBD product, in general, is legal for athletes to consume. As mentioned before, the World Anti-Doping Agency lifted its restriction on CBD in 2018.

Therefore, CBD Cool Sports gel and many other products are now open for use with athletes.

What are the health and wellbeing benefits of CBD oil?
Cannabis leaf and bottle of CBD Oil, with a dose of Oil in it

How does the CBD Muscle Relief Cooling Gel Work?

How does the CBD Sport cooling gel work? By massaging the gel onto affected areas of your body, it can take effect in a matter of minutes. Many similar kinds of the product previously released on the market can replicate the cooling effect we offer. However, CBD and the cooling products’ combination is unique.

Furthermore, we have a proven track record of releasing quality CBD products created with love and care, as seen by our extensive range of CBD oils.


CBD Sport Warming Gel vs. CBD Sports Cooling Gel

CBD Warming Gels and CBD Cooling Gels are both extremely effective tools in the recovery process; however, they work in very different ways. The primary difference between warming gel and cooling gel products, as their names suggest, is the use of heat and cooling on the affected areas.

When using CBD warming gels, the properties that contain the warming effect boosts circulation and rushes additional blood to the affected area. This, in turn, provides vital oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and helps them to move more smoothly and freely, aiding the recovery and regeneration of injured muscles.

We recommend using warming gels before your workout, after your workout, and when you feel soreness in particular areas.

In contrast, CBD cooling gels and muscle rubs cause the blood vessels to constrict. This allows the body to reduce the amount of damage in the area by minimising inflammation and halting the spread. Cooling gel should be applied to sprains, strains, and sharp shooting pains after injury. We recommend using cooling gels as soon as possible after injury when pain is felt.

Both warming gel and cooling gel products can, and should, be used at different times if you are still able to exert yourself physically. As is always the case, your muscles should be warm, more pliable, and ready for action before you start exercising so CBD warming gels can be used to get the blood flowing; cooling gels can be used afterwards to treat any injuries that may occur.

However, if you are seeking pain relief from muscular aches, pains, and stiffness in areas such as the back or neck, you are more likely to benefit from using warming products.

What are the health and wellbeing benefits of CBD oil?

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Once you’ve finished your workout and pushed your body to the max, it is more important than ever to recover in the most efficient way possible. 

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