CBD Oil 10% (1000mg)


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Looking for a slightly stronger concentration of CBD oil? CBD Oil 1000mg is the ideal choice.

It is made by an internationally renowned family business, whose expertise in CBD translates smoothly into their bottle of CBD Oil 10% concentration.

The EU certified strain of hemp used is grown in organically certified soil, is ideal as a medicinal treatment and a practical, high-quality, natural medical aid.

What is CBD Oil 10% Concentration?

CBD Oil 10% (1000mg) concentration is a Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from an EU-certified hemp strain. 

FINOLA is grown in organically certified soil at the family’s Estonian farm before being extracted at a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility. 

CBD Oil 10% has a slightly higher, yet perfectly safe, amount of CBD active ingredient used worldwide by people seeking a safe and healthy alternative to traditional medicines

CBD Oil 10% is far more suited to humans, whereas CBD Oil 1% is ideal for animals and pets and those starting their journey with CBD Oil.

Unbranded bottle of 10% CBD OIL by marijuana leaf


You can trust our products 100%; they are consistent of the highest quality, free of contaminants, provide accurate dosing, and taste great. Our downloadable certifications provide all the evidence you need!

Cannabis leaf and bottle of CBD Oil, with a dose of Oil in it

How do you take CBD Oil 10% (1000mg)?

Consuming CBD Oil 10% is easy. 

Place 2-4 droplets underneath your tongue for up to 40 seconds before swallowing. 

Use CBD Oil 10% whenever you feel the need; however, wait for half an hour to assess its effects before adjusting your droplets.

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