CBD (cannabidiol) lotions, gels, and creams are sought for a wide range of purposes, from relieving chronic pain and discomfort to alleviating skin rashes and similar conditions. Ongoing studies on the benefits of CBD oils and gels are overall positive, with dosage, plant sources, and the quality of a product as factors in the results. Studies support the following top ten benefits of CBD gels and related treatments to improve health and wellness.

Best Uses of CBD Creams for Skin Conditions

CBD topicals and creams are excellent for the treatment of numerous skin conditions. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using cannabis products due to the natural anti-inflammatory properties and soothing effects. CBD topicals are ideal for psoriasis, acne, and eczema, as well as mild to moderate rashes.

Cannabis products show no ill effects when used as a topical skin treatment, except for an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis. However, this is a common occurrence with many safe and natural skin products.

CBD Topicals for Inflammation

Inflammation is a side effect of chronic illness and autoimmune conditions. Studies indicate CBD oils and lotions provide an alternative for individuals looking to relieve chronic pain and avoid reliance on prescription pain medication, which causes side effects. It’s essential to learn how to use CBD lotions so that you can gain the most benefit from their medicinal properties.

At the very least, CBD oil provides an overall reduction in pain and discomfort associated with many conditions.

Relief for Arthritis and Joint Pain

2016 study results showed significant swelling and pain reduction due to applying CBD salves and similar topicals to treat arthritis. The research showed substantial results, and in some cases, these benefits matched or surpassed the performance of prescription drugs for pain relief. Further research is ongoing to determine other advantages of CBD products when treating joint and muscle pain.

CBD Sports Gels After the Workout

Athletes and individuals who exercise regularly will find CBD sports gels effective in preventing and treating aches and pains associated with stretched muscles or discomfort. CBD cooling gel or CBD warming gel is applied to provide instant relief to the affected area, often with a tingling or soothing sensation.

CBD Beauty Products for your Daily Skin Routine

CBD lotions and creams are increasingly popular in beauty creams, whether you’re looking to treat a specific skin condition, such as acne, or use a sensitive, skin-friendly cream as a moisturizer. Beauty serums even red, blotchy complexions and usually contain other beneficial ingredients, such as vitamin E and cold-pressed grapeseed oil.

Lip balm and moisturizing creams are highly effective for dry or irritated skin. CBD balms contain natural ingredients, including infused oils, such as peppermint, coconut, or berry extracts. Organic ingredients, high-quality CBD is vital to ensure your skin doesn’t suffer a reaction, which may occur with the use of lower grade products that claim to contain high-grade CBD.

Choosing cruelty-free is also recommended, as these products are usually vegan and generally easier on the skin.

CBD Oils for Neuropathy

Nerve damage is a common side effect of chronic illness or a residual occurrence after an individual heals from shingles, cancer, or injuries. Peripheral neuropathy is when some nerve connections from the brain and spinal cord become damaged due to an inherited or acquired illness. The nervous system connects to every part of your body, including internal organs, face, mouth, feet, hands, arms, and legs.

Peripheral neuropathy causes burning and stinging sensations because pain receptors “fire” even when there is no injury or reason. It’s an uncomfortable condition, and CBD salves and oils can help provide topical relief when pain is concentrated to a specific region of the body.

CBD Benefits for Pets

CBD treatments may provide significant pain relief for cats and dogs. While veterinarians may not administer CBD as a medicine, experts recommend its use for certain conditions, such as chronic inflammation, pain from injuries, and joint discomfort. CBD products for pets are made specially formulated with high-quality, organic ingredients.

CBD Sunscreen and Skin Protection

Sunscreen containing CBD oil offers the advantage of protecting your skin from the sun while adding essential nutrients moisturizing to the top layers of your skin. CBD is excellent for people with sensitive skin, who may not respond well to traditional sunscreen products with ingredients that irritate. While CBD oil alone doesn’t offer adequate UV sun protection, it’s an ideal ingredient for sunscreen products.

CBD Shampoo and Serum Benefits for Hair Health

Just as CBD products are beneficial for your skin, they play an essential role in hair care. Studies indicate that hair serum and creams infused with CBD oil promote a shinier mane while helping protect against sun damage and dryness. The relaxing effects of CBD oils may decrease the severity of hair loss issues associated with stress. Overall, the benefits of hair products with CBD provide an excellent moisturizing effect on the scalp and hair.

CBD Topicals as a Personal Lubricant

CBD is becoming a popular ingredient in personal lubricants for intimacy. Some research indicates the potential for CBD boosting libido and improving the overall experience. CBD is a good lubricant, which may reduce discomfort for some couples or individuals. CBD lubricants are often less irritating and offer a soothing, relaxing effect which is preferable.

CBD Massage Oils

Massage oils are an excellent way to relax and reduce stress. While massaging has its benefits, combining treatment with CBD oils can enhance the benefits by reducing pain and increasing the overall relief. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or want a soothing massage, CBD oil is an excellent ingredient combined with essential oils and extracts for a pleasant aroma.

CBD Oil Offers Many Advantages

You’ll find many benefits for CBD, in addition to these top benefits of CBD gels and topicals. Current research continues to uncover more advantages and uses for cannabidiol oils, salves, and gels. CBD products are only as good as their quality, making finding high-grade, organic ingredients and reputable sources to support your choice essential.



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